The Message Enterprise Programme (MEP) is an innovative programme that takes our students through ten months of holistic training. Each young man learns the tools to become self-sufficient through learning how to develop their own business or joining the workforce.

Our 2015 MEP class consists of 27 men who have formed a brotherhood, inspiring and implementing change in their lives and others. MEP will stimulate positive life transformation, prevent recidivism and maximise self-sufficiency. Most importantly, we will transform broken lives, building hope in one of the darkest places.

Through entrepreneurial training, education and mentoring, we believe our students can become community leaders, loving fathers, responsible citizens and catalysts for change across the nation of South Africa. 

The Message Enterprise Programme works with our students from acceptance into the MEP programme through to release and post-release. For our students to flourish, they need ongoing support through our holistic programme. 

MEP has an aftercare team that supports each young man once he is released. MEP also works closely with The Message Trust's Enterprise department called Gangstar Enterprises. Gangstar Enterprises provides work opportunities for selected students that come through our MEP class.

Join this brotherhood and get involved.