Business skills alone will not be sufficient for our MEP students. Many of our young men come from dysfunctional backgrounds, families and communities.

The MEP curriculum provides holistic care for our students. It is essential that each student is given the tools and support in the following four curriculum components so that the cycle of crime, gangsterism and unemployment can be broken. 

Spiritual Support

Students receive support through prayer, counselling and mentoring. Students are taught biblical life principles that help support them in prison and prepare them for reintegration upon release.

Economic Support

Students receive business skills and employment training based on the Lean-Startup business model. Students are taught by our experienced team and also gain valuable input from guest lecturers and business advisors throughout the course. 

Social Support

Students require assistance with developing positive healthy relationships with their families, peers and communities. Our curriculum includes family interaction and peer-to-peer mentoring and support throughout the course. Additionally, we involve the business, church and general society in the supporting the growth and development of each student. 

Emotional Support 

Students can face many emotional challenges in prison. The MEP team is trained and equipped to support students emotionally throughout the course. The curriculum includes working through important lessons such as anger management, conflict management, and fatherlessness.