Do You View The World Through Bars?

Tonight I cannot sleep, wondering around a small bathroom with two showers, two sinks and two toilets that cater for the 25 inmates and I that share one room known as our prison cell.  I take responsibility for being here and only myself is to blame for the mistakes of my youth. For the past 12 years, this has been my reality.  All of my 20's have been spent looking out into the world through the restraint of these bars.  

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I always wonder what it feels like to be on the outside with my loved ones.  I always wonder... What are they eating? What are they watching on TV? Do they still laugh at the same jokes that made me laugh as a child?  Time has almost stolen good memories from my mind. I try so hard to remember and keep them alive in my heart. This prison has stolen a lot from me but it has also given me a lot.  It is here that I met God and it is here that I truly became free on the inside of the deepest parts of my soul. 

Invisible Prisons

I know I may be behind bars but I wonder if I experience more freedom than you?  I wonder about people on the outside. How many of you have physical freedom but live in silent, invisible prisons of yourself? You are held captive by negative thoughts,  depression, past hurts, doubts, fears, insecurities.... And you have become so accustomed to these thoughts that you look at the world through these bars. They determine what you believe you can and cannot do in life.  They steal your joy and your sense of self-worth. 

Although I'm writing this sitting in a physical prison I'm here to tell you please don't sit in your invisible prison any longer. Seek help. Seek prayer. Open up to someone about your struggles. Refuse any longer to see the world through the bars of your thinking. Don't allow fear to dictate your freedom and joy. Let the walls fall down. You are destined for great things. You can fly where no bird has flown before. You can experience the freedom of great heights. 

When The Son Sets You Free

Although I am in prison I refuse any longer to see the world through these bars. I am focusing on seeing a world that I can make a difference in.  I am focusing on seeing that the mistakes of my youth can actually be used for good. I am focusing on thanking God every day for the freedom I feel on the inside. And you can have the same freedom as me. “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:36) 

-Written by a MEP Student